Respecting the Rights of Women Migrant Workers: New Report and Guidance

In a new collaboration, FairSquare has worked with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) to develop a new report and guidance for businesses, detailing how they can ensure respect for the human rights of women migrant workers during recruitment.

The new IHRB report “Respecting the Human Rights of Women Migrant Workers during Recruitment – A Short Report for Businesses”, was developed by Marilyn Croser, Senior Researcher at FairSquare, who also updated the IHRB’s Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity Implementation Guide, by adding 40 new implementation points focused on women migrant workers.

Both documents are intended to provide clear recommendations for businesses to protect women migrant workers.

Marilyn Croser said:

“Businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights, and should ensure that their policies and procedures recognise and address the multiple human rights risks facing women migrant workers at all stages of their migration journey. This briefing offers guidance to businesses on meeting this responsibility.”

An estimated 70 million women globally are migrant workers. The majority of these women make vital contributions to the societies and economies of their origin and destination countries. Most are from culturally and racially marginalised communities, and a large majority are in informal employment.

Increasing numbers of women migrate due to a lack of economic or livelihood opportunities in their home countries and far too many experience exploitation and abuse. 

As demand for female labour grows, notably in garment manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, hospitality, care and/ domestic work, and electronics, there is greater recognition of how women’s migration experiences differ from men’s, and the specific risks to which they may be exposed.