Who We Are

FairSquare is a non-profit organisation. We combine thorough, hard-hitting research with impactful advocacy to promote systemic change and stop human rights abuses.

We produce original findings to generate debate and shape narratives in our specialist areas of labour migration, political repression, and sport. We work mainly in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Exploitation of
Migrant Workers

We challenge government policies that put low-paid migrant workers in wealthy countries at grave risk of abuse and exploitation.

Our research and advocacy focuses particularly on the pernicious impacts of temporary labour migration schemes in Europe and the Middle East and issues relating to migrant worker health, notably deaths and injuries linked to heat. Our Five Corridors Project was a major piece of comparative research into the role of governments in ensuring fair recruitment of migrant workers. We led the Vital Signs Partnership, which examined the health and mortality of South Asian migrant workers in Gulf states. In the UK, we are part of the Seasonal Worker Interest Group.

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We work with activists and victims of human rights abuses to push back against state repression.

We focus primarily on states in the Middle East region that are supported by governments in Europe, including the UK where we are based. As well as research and campaigning on individual cases, we examine the impacts of western foreign policy, and draw connections between repression and the extraction of fossil fuels and the activities of businesses and cultural bodies. We focus on the real risks faced by activists living outside their countries in supposedly safe states such as the UK, as the states we work on seek to extend the reach of their repression beyond their borders.

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in Sport

We promote better, more democratic governance to prevent sporting institutions contributing to harm and suffering.

Sport has the potential to play a transformative, positive role in society, but too often its power is misappropriated and exploited. Our work on accountability in sport is informed by years of research and advocacy on abuses connected to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and the role of FIFA. We have taken a strong stance against state ownership of English football clubs, and explored the political implications of such projects. We call for better rule-making by governing bodies on how they respond to violations of international law.

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The Organisation

FairSquare Projects is a non-profit organisation registered in London and established in 2019.

Support from our work comes from our donors: Humanity United, Open Society Foundations, Porticus, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation.

The FairSquare team can support other organisations through consultancies. Please email contact@fairsq.org for further information.