FairSquare Research Ltd

FairSquare Research, a sister company to FairSquare Projects, can provide consultancy services, producing rigorous research, policy and legal analysis for NGOs, media organisations and, depending on the nature of the request, the private sector.

NGO clients include the Open Society Foundations, Amnesty International, Humanity United, and the Institute for Human Rights and Business. Examples of our work for non-profit and media organisations include:

  • Examined protest movements in Armenia, Brazil, Lebanon, and Nigeria for Luminate, examining why some movements succeed and others fail, and producing a public report drawing on interviews with activists and protest leaders, civil society workers, journalists and academics.
  • Helped an NGO evaluate its options for developing its work in the Middle East and North Africa region, interviewing more than 70 activists, officials and experts.
  • Advised the BBC on the application of international human rights standards in relation to a major investigation into how new technologies can facilitate slavery and human trafficking.

We have also delivered research for businesses. We take on such work only when we see an intention to take meaningful steps to respect rights. We challenge businesses to take international standards seriously and embed human rights across their systems to prevent harm. Our findings and recommendations are grounded in in-depth consultations with people who may be affected by businesses’ operations. Examples of our work include:

  • Carried out human rights impact assessments (HRIAs), evaluating labour practices, risks to communities, and concerns raised by the operations of business partners.
  • Assessed the effectiveness of a construction company’s systems to protect migrant workers from the effects of heat in its Middle East operations.

FairSquare Research Ltd is a limited company, registered in London. Company no: 11510590