FairSquare Projects

FairSquare Projects is a non-profit human rights organisation that tailors rigorous research with communication and advocacy work to promote systemic change. We work on issues that we believe are neglected or poorly tackled. 

Our current priority areas are: 

  • Transnational migration and recruitment. With the support of Open Societies Foundation and Humanity United, we are leading the Five Corridors Project,  a major piece of research into the role of governments in ensuring fair recruitment.
  • The health and safety of migrant workers. We work with civil society organisations, medical experts and media outlets to research and advocate on the unexplained deaths of thousands of migrant workers in the Gulf every year.
  • Accountable, responsible sport. We engage sporting bodies on a range of human rights issues. Sporting institutions can protect others and themselves with rigorous human rights policies.

FairSquare produces occasional policy briefs. The first, on migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, was published in October 2020.

Our team has strong experience of managing multi-year grants, leading large teams and delivering complex international projects.

FairSquare Projects is a company limited by guarantee, registered in London. Company no: 11952483